Tenant and Owner Responsibilities

As a resident of a rental home managed by Coastal Pioneer Realty, we want you to treat the home as if it were your own and be respectful of your neighbors.  Taking good care of the property also leads to a faster return of your deposit when you move out. Your lease outlines your full responsibilities, however, below are some general responsibilities.

  • Keep the property clean and orderly, inside and out
  • Set up utilities in your name prior to moving in – electricity, water, gas, trash
  • Care for landscaping and exterior as specified in your lease – lawn, and minor trimming and weeding of shrubs and flowerbeds, sidewalks, exterior light bulbs, window cleaning
  • Pest control as specified in your lease
  • Complete minor and seasonal maintenance – changing light bulbs, AC filters, refrigerator water filters, and batteries in detectors; maintaining water softener and purification systems as applicable.
  • Comply with local, state and Home Owner Association (HOA) property codes, rules and regulations


Contact our office if you would like a referral for a vendor for services listed above.

Welcome Residents! 

The Resident Portal provides you real-time access to information about your lease. From here you can pay online and set up recurring payments, review and edit contact information, create and manage services requests, give notice and communicate with the property management team. 

Pet Information

Some of our rental properties allow pets. Homeowner preferences, insurance policies, and HOA rules and regulations generally determine what type and how many pets are allowed.

Smoke Detectors beeping softly on and off
Check and replace battery
Smoke dector won’t work when testedReplace battery and notify maintenance at once if the battery does not resolve the issue.
No power to plugs or switches
Check breaker panel. Flip appropriate breaker off and then on. If the outlet is a GFI outlet press the reset button located on the outlet.
Garbage Disposal wont work
Push reset button located on the bottom of the disposal under the sink or use an allen wrench and turn.
No Hot WaterCheck breaker panel. Flip appropriate breaker off and then on
Faucet or Toilet Leaks
Turn off water fixture under sink or toilet at valve, notify maintenance.
Toilet Plugged
Try plunger, If still plugged call maintenance
Sink or Shower/Tub  wont drainRemove hair from drain
AC not coolingCheck breaker panel. Flip appropriate breaker off and then on
Dishwasher won’t drain or leaves a white film on dishes
Clean food out of bottom of dishwasher, clean float, Rinse dishes before washing, Use jet dry once a month to prevent hard water build up.

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Request Maintenance

There are two way to request maintenance/Repairs

  • Log-in to your tenant portal and submit a maintenance request.
  • Call our 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline at (813) 563-8100 to request maintenance. If it is an emergency, please call us immediately.  (Note: If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental home and turn it to the off or closed position.)

Before Submitting a Maintenance Requests review the table below for suggestions on resolving common issues:

Call today 813-563-8100

Moving Out

Moving out can be a busy and sometimes stressful time.  Coastal Pioneer Realty provides checklists and guides to help make your transition smoother, faster and more organized.

You must give proper notice prior to vacating the property, as outlined in your lease.  Coastal Pioneer Realty will conduct a move-out inspection only after all of your personal property has been removed and the property is fully cleaned.  We consider you still living at the property until you return the keys (and gate or garage door remote if applicable) to our office.  You will not be allowed to re-enter the home after all keys have been turned into the office.

To assist us in making refunds to you promptly, we ask that you review the security deposit section of the Residential Lease Agreement that you signed when you moved in.  This will clarify the refund procedure and explain any additional charges which you may incur.

The better the condition of the property when you leave, the faster the deposit can be returned to you, to the forwarding address you provide. If you vacate the property prior to the end of the lease term, you will still be responsible for paying the rent for the remainder of the lease however, we will do our best to try and lease the property.